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What a ride it's been!

I graduated from the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal , with honors, in the winter of 1986. To say everything has changed since then would be an understatement! The basics are still there, a good understanding of light, composition, and your equipment. But the technology, styles and desires of the public have changed many times since I graduated. What didn't change was my love of photographing the lives of people. I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer right from the beginning - I was the first to graduate from the school with my portfolio in weddings. I was in the minority at the school, but it was a great decision. So many beautiful weddings! And in so many wonderful parts of the world! I am grateful.

Along the way I have learned so many things, so much new technology and photography styles. But the best part was the people who came into my life. Too many wonderful clients to name here, many of whom will be lifelong friends no matter what. So many families I watched grew from a young, engaged couple to parents and now some are becoming grandparents! So hard to believe I have been their family photographer for so many years, joining the families for all the important events in their lives. The new baby, the kids with the new family pet, the seniors and weddings!

I love photographing the “kids”! What I mean is I love photographing the people who were so tiny and cute when I first met them, and now I am watching them graduate from high school! I have shared many stories with them about our adventures together. The little 3-year-old girl who was very shy around strangers taught me how to photograph an apprehensive 3-year-old without letting her know that I was photographing her! I just took her senior photos of her with her horse!

The little boy who loved coming to see me and make funny faces for my camera. That time where he couldn’t contain himself and ran across the parking lot to jump into my arms, despite Mom’s stern warning to not run. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life.

The two little girls who have been my muses for a long time now. I am watching them grow to be strong, confident, beautiful women, who still love to have a good time with me. We don’t do cheesy poses, we have fun! We play with jumping, making faces, running, laughing! Oh, the laughter! So much laughter. Sweet girls, I will always be there for you.

Yes, I have had so many wonderful adventures. Too many to count. But now I am off to new adventures. It is time to experience the moment without a camera in my face. Not sure how I am going to do that. My husband always complains that I have the camera up to my face the entire time we are on any vacations. But that has always been how I have been able to process things. I see life through a camera lens.

I am so very grateful for everything. I am grateful for every single person who trusted me to photograph their special moments and relationships, it has been such a huge honor for me. I am grateful to my husband and family for always supporting me through this journey! It was a wild ride for sure!

Thank you all!